Flight Attendant

Becoming a Flight Attendent

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Flight attendants help assure the comfort and safety of airplane passengers. They provide food and beverage service on many flights. They also instruct passengers about safety measures before and during flight operations. Flight attendants act as customer service contacts with travelers, answering questions about rewards programs and handling complaints. Finally, the attendants serve an important security role by observing passenger behavior and reporting and handling any problems they encounter.

Much of a flight attendant’s role is fairly visible to the air traveler. The attendants help welcome guests aboard a flight and assist them in finding assigned seating and storing carry-on luggage. They also handle the more complicated service involved with first-class passengers. They can assist with locating gate information for connecting fliers and other travel services as well. Flight attendants ensure that during turbulence, take-offs, and landings, all passengers are properly belted and secured in seats.

Many employers have specific height and weight requirements for attendants, due to the tight space within aircraft cabins. Flight attendants typically work in airports and on airplanes, so they travel on a daily basis.

Flight Attendant Tasks

  • Greet fliers, accept tickets, assist with luggage, and direct passengers to their seats.
  • Keep the passenger area hygienic and in keeping with appearance standards.
  • Make announcements, answer questions, and resolve emergent problems.
  • Serve and/or sell meals, beverages and in-flight entertainment.
  • Provide safety overviews to all passengers, particularly the exit rows.


Flight Attendant Salary (India)

The average salary for a Flight Attendant is Rs 5.5 Lac per year. Most people move on to other further prospective jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career.
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